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Shri Nandi Lite Assam tea is one of the purest form of CTC tea. Nandi Lite Assam Tea gives you value for money. Our motive behind this product is to reach buyers located in remote location who do not get quality tea as their budget as well daily wages or it could be hotels who prefer strong of cup tea.

Why did we come with a name Lite because most of the times buyers misinterpreted thinking lite means tea will not any aroma or taste, but we recommend to try our variant and get to more about Shri Nandi Lite. We bet you will never regret as this variant will give value for money.

Shri Nandi Lite comes in both CTC leaf and Dust blend. We take out most care while packaging also ensure post blending every batch goes through with certain level of testing.If you are looking for strong (Kadak) Assam tea we recommend to try our dust blend

We provide 100% money back guarantee if our buyers are not satisfied with our brand products since we value time and money.

Make Shri Nandi lite as your own brand while you focus on marketing and selling we focus on quality.

More Details- Shri Nandi Lite-Leaf and Dust Assam Tea.

Assam CTC Tea- Shri nandi Premium

Shri Nandi Lite is famous for Hotels, Street local tea vendors and shops located in rural area. We manage it in such way that it goes very well with our Premium variant. We supply tea in any state of India. If you are starting tea business Nandi lite will be great combo with our premium variant.

  • Pure Blend tea from Upper Assam famous as export belt.
  • Every lot goes through various level of testing to ensure quality is maintained.
  • Blend of Leaf and dust grade made from fresh green leaf.
  • Available in 100,250,500GM Pouch and 1Kg Bag
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