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Our Brand Assam CTC Tea- Garden Fresh Tea for Wholesale, Reatil and Trade.

Assam Tea Supplier

Assam CTC Tea

We are one of the prominent Assam tea supplier from Upper Assam. Our tea will fill your cup with pure taste and aroma of Assam. We deal with both CTC and Green Tea as both have their own place in market. CTC tea is mostly consumed with milk or after infusing, wherein green tea is consumed for better health.

Our major production is of Assam CTC Tea which is widely consumed worldwide, Green tea is completely seasonal based means limited production as we believe in providing quality. Come let’s get to know some more on Assam CTC Tea.

Our tea are born in upper Assam, Which is well-known for black or brown Tea globally. CTC – Crush Tear and Curl (Also Cut, Twist & Curl). It is kind of similar to Orthodox tea instead of hand rolling CTC tea has go through process where Cylindrical rollers with hundreds of tiny sharp teeth are used to Crush, Tear and Curl.History of Assam Tea

More Details- Assam CTC - Crush Tear and Curl

Assam Tea Liquor

Our Assam CTC tea is made from Quality Green leaf pluck from garden.CTC Tea can be used by wholeseller,trader or for your own brand.Mostly buyers peferred blended tea.Our tea can be provided in both blended and non blended based on our client requirement.What makes our tea different from other suppliers.

  • Tea made from Quality green leaf.One of the prime factor to make quality CTC Tea.
  • Every lot goes through various level of testing to ensure quality consistency.
  • We make both primary and secondary grade for both leaf as well fannings.
  • BOP,BOPSM,BP, BP-S comes under leaf grade wherein OF,PD and Dust comes under fannings grade.
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