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How to Start Tea Business

This Post will help you to start tea business for wholesale,trade,Own-Brand and Online.

1.First thing First

Do Survey in your location or online depending on mode of business you will start.Once survey is done basically you will get knowledge of grade which is sold in market and approximate price of tea and market value.

  1. Determine what makes your competitor successful in market.
  2. Post survey look for the space or new ideas in market and make the difference.

2.Creating Own Brand Name

Our next step will be to create our own brand name, think of name which is buyer friendly,easy for marketing(Word-of-mouth).

  1. Word of mouth advertising is very essential for every business,as each happy and statisfied buyer will become promoter for your company hence it will add dozen of new ones on your way.
  2. Brand name can play a vital role in tea business, decide your name wisely.

3.Sketch Business Plan

We need to do short analysis on survey done on step 1 and find which grade you need to buy, Price and appearance of tea.

  1. Identify Grade – Leaf,Fanning’s or Blended tea.
  2. Once we know the grade of tea next step will be to see market and competitor’s price
  3. After getting to know about tea grade and market price you need to find tea supplier,you can consider us we can help with anything releated with tea.
  4. Seek for tea samples from supplier which will help you to gauge quality and price of tea, once you get the sample see appearance as every state has their own presentation style. Example Gujrat – Preferred black or black brown, South India- Black brown and states like Orissa prefer both black & brown.
  5. Tea will be main product of your business hence trying giving samples to group of people whom you can trust and look for honest feedback accordingly make your first order plan.We recommend to start small and grow bigger consider near about 500kg.

4.Register your business

  1. In case you do not have a registered company or firm you need to register your firm in Proprietorship/Partnership/Private Limited Company/Public Limited Company/Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). One of the easiet way to register is Proprietorship or Partnership most often used in India.
  2. Register your business with your local municipal corporation- Trade License.
  3. After you get trade license we will need current account in any bank in company name for financial transaction.
  4. Next you will need to register your company for VAT/TIN and CST number.If you are located outside assam you need CST registration number for inter state transaction.GST may be applicable soon.
  5. Apply for Trademark registration for your brand to get registered.

We always recommend to consult a lawyer,Charted Accountant or business consultanat before you start your business since this is one of the most important aspect of business.

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