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How to buy Assam Tea-Guide

Assam tea buying guide

This Post will help you to procure right Assam Tea for retail,wholesale buyers or re-branding.

Tea is one of the most consumed FMGC product in today’s market. In our previous post we mentioned how to start tea business- Assam Tea. We get many enquiries through mail or calls where owner or companies who have started tea business but do not get success as expected hence it becomes difficult to sustain in this competitive market with fixed expense every month.

You may be tea lover who want to purchase quality Assam Tea for everyday home use.

Assam Tea Buying guide for Resellers

First lets see the grade of Assam Tea

  1. CTC- Crush Tear Curl -One of the top selling grade of Assam Tea.Everyday home use tea.
  2. Green Tea - As the name says green made after trying leaf most taken for health benefits.
  3. Orthodox Tea - Oldest form of tea which people have been drying for years now.
  4. White Tea- Made from selective bud of tea leaf, less production hence more expensive

As we know about the grades you need to decide which tea is best suited for your brand or re-selling, based on that ask your supplier to send samples of tea as CTC/Green tea has leaf and Fannings grade.We recommend to start with CTC as this is one tea which is widely consumed often many owner or companies start with all kind of tea,hence getting the sample is our first step.

Checking Tea Liquor is very important in tea business which will help us to judge quality and price of tea. If you are not sure on quality we recommend to seek help from your supplier.

Making tea with Milk,all kind of milk available in market such as Powder and cow milk which will definetly help you to guage quality of tea and price.Easiet way to check is keep the tea for few hours and observe the colour of tea if it is fading black means tea quality is not upto mark and vice versa.

Price versus quality. Assam tea price is based on green leaf used to manufacturer made tea, average price of made tea in upper Assam starts from ₹140 to 160/- and goes on . If you are looking for tea less than 140 you probably need to blend tea with secondary grade.Regarding green and orthodox tea testing feel free to contact us our experts can help you.

Most of us ignore lot no of tea sample provided by supplier make proper note of each lot number and no of bags manufactured for that lot number which will ensure to maintain quality as well you recieved the same lot for samples provided.

Assam Tea buying guide for home user

Tea is a drink which we have every mornning there are many companies who supply tea online with quality and better price. we recommend to see buyer feedback on online portal,know more about manufacturer look for thier expertise. Many a times we have seen online buyer pay huge amount for quality in return they recieve tea which is not worth for money.

Contact us if you are looking for pure assam taste where every sip will give you aroma and taste of Assam.

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