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Shri Nandi Assam Tea

Shri Nandi Premium

Shri Nandi Premium is one of our prime products in market. In today's market almost every company make their own packaging but sustaining in market is biggest challenge, since we make tea we know how to main quality, liquor and aroma.

Before you get know to more about Shri Nandi Assam CTC Tea we would like to tell you why buy our brand when there are thousands of brand available in market, what makes us different and why choose us.

Shri Nandi Premium Assam Tea is pure blend of primary CTC grade, there is hardly any variation in quality, taste and liquor throughout the year. Every day tea is manufactured with different lot and grade. Tea made in the month of June will differ from tea made in September due to climatic condition,hence maintaining quality is our motive.We have a team of experts with immense experience which helps us to sustain in market providing pure taste and Aroma of Assam to our buyers.

We provide 100% money back gurantee if our buyers are not statisfied with our brand products since we know how to back up our products.

Make Shri Nandi Premium as your own brand while you focus on marketing and selling we focus on quality.

More Details- Shri Nandi Premium-Assam CTC Tea

Assam CTC Tea- Shri nandi Premium

Shri Nandi Premium has been major success in market due to its quality, taste and value for money. We supply tea in any state of India. If you are starting tea business with low investment Nandi Premium will give you perfect start to your business.

  • Pure Blend tea from Upper Assam famous as export belt.
  • Every lot goes through various level of testing to ensure quality is maintained.
  • Blend of Leaf grade made from fresh green leaf.
  • Available in 33,100,250,500GM Pouch and 1Kg Bag
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