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Assam Tea Supplier
Assam Tea- Garden Fresh and Pure


Assam Tea

We are one of the prominent Assam CTC Tea Supplier/distributor/manufacturer based in Upper Assam.

We Supply our tea across India at very reasonable cost keeping consistent quality and liquor.

You can get our CTC tea in both loose and packet tea under our brand name. We do not make any fusion or blend like spice tea, herbal tea.

We make all grades of CTC Tea starting from BOP to Fannings grade.We make both Primary and secondary grade tea depending on availablity of Green leaf from garden.

Now you must be thinking what should be ideal price for Assam CTC Tea. We only supply pure assam tea as there is brokerage or any other charges you can get the tea from us at very decent price. Let's see the price for different grade of Assam Tea.

Assam Tea - Our Price List.

You may Email us @Indianteagrowers or Call@ +91-9678962029.

How Tea Price is calculated One of the highest number of enquiries.

Assam Tea Price may vary across the year.Tea Price is completely based on green leaf price basically to manufacturer 1kg of made tea we need to take approx 5kg of unprocessed green leaf addition to this we also need to include the manufacturing cost.

Depending on the quality and price of green leaf (per Kg) helps us to calculated the market price of Tea. We can ensure our price will be much more competitive then market value since we manufacturer tea also our tea will always give you value for money. We always believe that while our client are busy with marketing and selling tea we focus on quality.